DevOps Pipeline in Action

Let’s see DevOps Pipeline in Action with Blue/Green Deployment for Amazon ECS with Amazon EC2

There are two ways in which you can see end to end DevOps Pipeline in action.

  1. Go to Trip Management Monolith Application code base, preferrably home page and make a visible modification which you can identify after releasing a change. Post modification, commit and push changes to AWS CodeCommit repository. This shall automatically trigger CodePipeline action.
  2. You can also test end to end CodePipeline by selecting respective CodePipeline under CodePipeline console and clicking Release change

Post successful CodeCommit, CodeBuild and CodeDeploy Blue-Green deployment, CodePipeline dashboard should look like as below.

CodePipline Release

Blue/Green Task Replacement result in deployment should look like as below.

CodePipline Release

  • Open the load balancer tripmgmtdemo-alb DNS URL in Web browser (i.e. http://tripmgmtdemo-alb-xxxxx) and verify running Application.

    Trip Management Monolith Application