Create ECS Service

Create Amazon ECS Service for AWS Fargate Launch type

  1. Edit create-service.json file, located at ~/environment/tripmgmt/create-service.json, with provided diff changes as given below.

    - "launchType": "EC2",
    + "launchType": "FARGATE",
    - "assignPublicIp": "DISABLED"
    + "assignPublicIp": "ENABLED"
  2. Create Service from commandline, here in place of serv-tripmgmt-fargate, you can give any other unique name to the service, preferrbly even not used previously.

    aws ecs create-service --service-name serv-tripmgmt-fargate --cli-input-json file://create-service.json
  3. You can verify Service created in Amazon ECS console, left navigation bar under Amazon ECS, Clusters and select the cluster name, you can see recently created service, status of the service and tasks.

    AWS Fargate Service