DevOps Pipeline in Action

Let’s see DevOps Pipeline in Action with Blue/Green Deployment for Amazon ECS with AWS Fargate

  1. Open the CodePipeline console

  2. Choose default region from top section.

  3. Select the Pipeline name, For example codepipeline-tripmgmt-demo.

  4. Either modify, commit and push changes in CodeCommit Repository OR Release change to test the CodePipeline.

  5. Once Source stage and Build stage completes and Deploy stage starts, click on details.

  6. Blue Green deployment takes place, having first Replacement tasks getting created (pending state) with new deployment.

    AWS Fargate CodeDeploy

    AWS Fargate CodeDeploy

  7. AWS Fargate completes deploying new deployment in newly created tasks.

    AWS Fargate CodeDeploy

  8. As next step, traffic switch over from Original tasks to Replacement tasks and then Original tasks are terminated.

    AWS Fargate CodeDeploy

    AWS Fargate CodeDeploy

  9. Open the load balancer tripmgmtdemo-alb DNS URL in Web browser (i.e. http://tripmgmtdemo-alb-xxxxx) and verify running Application.

    Trip Management Monolith Application