Monolith Applications

  • What is Monolith Application

    • Single-tiered software application in which the user interface and data access code are combined into a single program on a single platform.
    • It’s a self-contained and independent from other computing applications.
  • Considerations for Container ready Monolith Application

    • Application Platform components on which Application is built, must have containerized version or package available. For example, for Java and Tomcat based application to be containerized, Java Runtime and Tomcat platform should be available as containers.
    • Applications with a hard dependency on a special hardware architecture like mainframes are not container ready.
    • Stateless Applications are easier to containerize. Applications are stateless if they merely store configuration information locally besides a temporary cache on the server rather than having a local data store of persistent data.
    • Stateful Applications requiring persistent storage, can be containerized with additional tools for persistent storage like Docker volumes.